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I was really nervous to start driving, and definitely needed to build my confidence for a while. But heidi really helped me drive comfortably and I was able to pass first time! Lessons were relaxed and flexible, as well as often enough that I could get a lot of practice in. Despite lock down restrictions, I was still able to have lessons at least once o twice a week.

Thank you so much.

Selina passed on 20/05/21

I really enjoyed my time learning with Heidi. She was both very professional, always so friendly and most importantly always so honest. I felt comfortable in every lesson and she explained everything clearly and precise. She gives 100% of her attention and always has a calm manner about her. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to pass their test with flying colours - I passed with just two minors.

Thank you for all your help. I definitely recommend!!!

Kirsty passed on 12/06/21

It was a pleasure to take driving lessons with Heidi. She is a great driving instructor, very patient, accurate, organised and very friendly. Heidi comfortably managed to correct my mistakes and at the same time giving me the confidence I needed to pass my driving test first time. Highly recommended.

Mike passed 25/05/21

I can't thank Heidi enough for how patient and attentive she was with me during my driving lessons. She was wonderful at identifying my weak points and encouraging me to work on then whilst making the lessons enjoyable. Heidi was always available to fit me in for any last minute lesson or adjust the time for my lesson if needed. She made each lesson fun making sure I felt comfortable with each thing she was teaching me. I can't thank her enough once again for believing in me even when I wasn't too sure I could do it myself. Heidi really helped calm my nerves on my test day but reminding me that I can drive and I just need to relax.

I am grateful I got to do my lessons with such a wonderful instructor.

Hazzel passed on 4/2/20

I was very nervous and shy about learning to drive and quite shy as a person. Heidi was very calm and patient with me and explained everything in a clear and easy to understand way. Thanks to her I have passed my test and can now drive on my own.


I passed my driving test with 1 minor in Stevenage on 28th of October 2019. I wouldn't have been able to do this without Heidi's patience and understanding.

Before starting lessons with Heidi my confidence had been knocked by a previous instructor. Heidi helped me massively to build on this confidence and she made driving actually enjoyable. I felt completely relaxed with her method of teaching and looked forward to my driving lessons each week.

Due to nerves, I failed my first driving test. Heidi dealt with this in such a calm and collective way and I was so grateful for the words of encouragement she expressed after I did fail. From this I then rebooked another test in advance and she scheduled my lessons in straight away with no worries.

Thank you Heidi for everything and I am now looking forward to getting back on the road.

Anna - passed her test 28th October

Thank you so much for all your help. Was nervous to start driving lessons but you made me feel at ease straight away and I enjoyed having you as a teacher. Will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to have lessons. Thank you xxx.

Lucy - passed 12th August.

Thank you Heidi for helping me to pass my driving test. You have been positive, friendly and helped me to become a confident and safe driver.

Victoria - passed her test May 2019.

Heidi has been a huge help to me, she has helped me boost my confidence in all aspects of driving and enabled me to pass my test first time. She has always believed in me and encouraged me when I was nervous. I feel confident with driving now and am really grateful for everything.

Chloe 29-01-2019

Heidi is a good choice for people like me who struggle with medical conditions. I have chronic fatigue and she has always been very understanding of me needs and the unpredictability of my condition. She gave me good feedback at the end of each lesson with her. With her teaching, I passed first time. She is a good teacher and nice woman.

Sorrell 21-11-18

Heidi has been very supportive through my driving lessons and helped boost my confidence on the road. I had previous instructors but none were as good. Heidi makes you feel calm and doesn't make you feel you are working with an instructor more like you are working with a freind or family member.

Thanks for helping me get through to passing my test and hope to keep in contact and do the Pass Plus together.

Danial 19-10-2018

Heidi taught me from a complete beginner till I passed. She was extremely flexible with lessons and supported me throughout the whole process, including my theory. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a relaxed, friendly and reliable instructor. Thank you.

Jamie - 12-06-2018

I can't thank you enough for teaching me to drive and supporting me through passing my test. When I first started Heidi was extremely patient and made me feel comfortable. This carried on throughout when learning to drive. She was extremely flexible and always tried to accommodate where it was possible. Heidi has helped me to become a competent and confident driver. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Becky x - 27-03-2017

Heidi has been not only a great driving instructor, but a lovely person too. her calm approach made me feel more confident and at ease when driving. Heidi definitely knows what she is talking about, and conveys this really well, making me feel even more confident!

Heidi made my lessons lots of fun - there was never a dull (or quiet) moment. I would recommend Heidi to anybody, no matter their ability behind the wheel!

Thank you Heidi.

Chloe 14-03-2018

I started driving in October. I found Heidi professional and very flexible and easy going if you need to change a time or date, easy to understand and talks through the manoeuvres very well. Genuinely felt at ease at all times. I managed to pass my test first time and I am very grateful.

Heidi has been so good over the past months helping me to pass my test. I remember when it was first ever lesson and I was so nervous, she made feel relaxed and explained to me about the car and what was going to happen. Now I have passed my test and she has helped me do that. Heidi is a lovely lady and is very reliable. I highly recommend her and thank her for everything.

Lauren Martin

Hi Heidi, just been meaning to text you and say thanks for getting Benjy through his driving test! He is one very happy boy! X

Benjy's mum

Thank you to Heidi fletcher for her help and support with me passing my test she is an amazing women who just sees the best in you with all the support and confidence you need to pass your test x thank you so much.


Heidi is a professional driving instructor who is always willing to go that extra mile in order to ensure her pupils succeed. Heidi instills confidence in you. She is patient and made me feel at ease from the moment I sat behind the wheel. She has a positive attitude and nothing is too much trouble to repeat until we perfected it. I would highly recommend her to anybody.

Kinga Kunicka

Hi Heidi, it's Sharon, Alicia's mum. Just wanted to thank you for your tuition over the last year and getting Alicia through her driving test. She was thrilled to pass and not a little surprised! She was sooo nervous. I would like her to book a motorway lesson with you in the next few weeks. Thanks again.


Thank you so much for believing in me and motivating me to carry on trying even when I wanted to give up! Due to you I started to believe in myself as a driver! I cannot thank you enough for taking me on with such short notice, I will miss our lessons! Wish you all the best.

Holly and Nicola x

Having lessons with Heidi is a real pleasure. She gives helpful tips on all aspects if driving which made me so confident in my test. I had ten hours worth of lessons and passed first time. She is easy to talk to and I would highly recommend her for anyone at any level of experience.

Nathan Watson

Heidi has been a great instructor – knowledgeable, caring, encouraging, and extremely patient. I have had the driving experience in another country in an automatic transmission car, and was looking for someone who would teach me to deal with the manual transmission, and help to get used to the left-hand side traffic, narrow and parked streets, and numerous roundabouts. From the first class she spotted all my weaknesses, and we had been systematically working on them since then. The timetable was managed professionally to incorporate my interests and availability. Always on time, in a sparkling clean car Heidi not only gave me lots of confidence and helped to develop the necessary skills, but also made a great company throughout all this time. Thank you a lot, Heidi – it was a really enjoyable experience!


I felt my overall experience was enjoyable but a bit frustrating due to small mistakes I made. Despite that it was still a enjoyable experience. I felt like my test went well and fairly smoothly with only a few minors. I felt Heidi Fletcher was a nice and useful driving instructor who was easy to talk to. I feel relived more than anything to finally have completed the test.


I really enjoyed learning to drive. You made it really easy and fun and were a very calm instructor. You taught me everything I needed to know for the test. Also I thought it was great how you organised a mock test with a different instructor. Thank you!


Heidi really helped me with confidence when driving. She was very patient and helpful with all my concerns! Thank you very much Heidi for helping me to pass my test!!

Emily x

Heidi Heidi Heidi.... I really have no words to explain how grateful and thankful I am for you being so supportive and encouraging me to keep going three years later and finally on the 6th attempt, I passed my driving test. You have the patience of a saint and I know that I am the longest student you ever had, all I can say is a very big thank you for keeping me going and not giving up. You have marked my life as much as I have marked yours, but all I can say is that I am glad to have had you as my driving instructor and appreciate everything that you have done to make sure that I get over my nerves and pass. Which I have finally done. You the best and please keep doing what you doing,cause not all driving instructors are good as you. Thank you.

Kind regards, Hellen (student from Nov 2012- Dec 2015). X

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with you as i always felt confident and never under pressure. With your help i was gradually eased into booking my test and practicing a lot before hand. You encouraged me to want to go out and pass and in lessons i felt a great deal of confidence to deal with certain situations. But overall i really valued your explanations during lessons which proved really helpful in the test. Now having passed my test, i feel really ready to drive with confidence.

Thanks so much Heidi for getting me there!

Isabella xx

Heidi was a great driving instructor, she was really friendly and my confidence grew quickly as the lessons went by and I made great progress over a short period of time. She made the manoeuvres easy to remember and was very patient, calm and encouraging. I felt comfortable learning to drive with her and I managed to pass first time!! I am very grateful for the experience and her patience!

From Sarah xx

After dreading my driving lessons due to a erratic instructor, I finally found Heidi. She put my mind at ease and have me the confidence and belief in myself which I thought I would never have.

I was a nervous student and never thought for one minute I would be behind the wheel. My two hour lessons I stopped dreading and finally booked my test! The day of my test I wanted to cancel , I was terribly nervous I was Sick. But Heidi came to me earlier to have a talk and finally drove to the test centre. I was a complete bag of nerves and told myself if I could actually finish the test it would be an achievement!

I passed!!! I cried in shock and hugged Heidi , if it wasn't for her patience and belief in me I would not have been able to write this today. 1 year on and I'm driving everywhere. Only one person to Thank !!

Thank you Heidi. Xxx

Hi Heidi you really helped me build back up my confidence when I decided to get back behind the wheel. I am so glad I chose to go with you, as my confidence grew a lot quicker than I thought it would. I enjoyed the fact we chatted and that we got on you made me feel comfortable with you. I was petrified when you told me that I was ready to take my test but when I did it and passed first time I was so happy and now I am on the road its brilliant.
So I will be thankful to you forever and sure you will have so many more students that will feel the same as me.

Take care Heidi

Love Gemma xx

I was extremely lucky to have you as an instructor, you were always very calm and relaxed with me and have a good sense of humour which allowed me to relax, enjoy and look forward to my driving lessons. You judged perfectley when I was ready to take my test, and as a result I passed first time! I knew learning to drive was never going to be easy but your encouragments really helped, as well as the clear way you explained things such as manouvers and always gave great feedback about my driving both throughout the lesson and at the end. Thank you so much Heidi, couldn't have done it without you!!

Ellie xxx

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